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Range of Services

One Source

As a high-performance “one-source” partner, we provide you with protection concept development, system integration and testing right through to series production. This also includes technical consulting, system vulnerability analyses and the evaluation of technical protection and terror defence measures.

Our excellent expertise in the field of protection, combined with experienced engineers and powerful CAD systems, ensure a targeted and cost-efficient realisation of your protection requirements.

Protection Concepts

The scientific analysis of all prerequisites and requirements for a planned protection system are the basis for the selection of a suitable system. The ballistic risks are determined via the investigation of possible threat scenarios and the subsequent vulnerability analysis. The resulting solutions can thus be better adapted to the corresponding areas of application and budget specifications of our customers.


Our customers often want a solution that is as inconspicuous as possible. At the same time, the functionality of the protected object must be restricted as little as possible while maintaining a sufficient level of protection.
Some of the ways we guarantee this include:

Design development with modern CAD systems

Contour-adapted protection technologies (e.g. with high-pressure vacuum presses, deep-drawing, sintering...)

Innovative fastening solutions - Extensive material selection process

Integration of accessories up to interior concepts

Ballistic Analyses

Mehler Engineered Defence GmbH offers ballistic tests of armour systems and vehicles on firing lanes of up to 2,500 m in length. The range of tests includes civilian and military threat scenarios.

Our range of services includes:

  • Projectile analysis (spatial orientation and velocity measurement)
  • Target analysis (residual energy measurement, camera recordings, destruction volumes, behind-armour effects)
  • Statistical evaluation (determination of the limiting penetration velocity V50, methodology for quality assurance)

These tests are rounded off by the possibility of examining systems for blast, mine and RPG.

Technology Development

We develop and certify our own protection solutions for our customers independently of manufacturers. In doing so, we draw on a global material base.
This enables us to provide you with a protective structure that is optimally tailored to your needs.

We currently have over 80 certified solutions of our own.


To determine the effects on armour systems due to environmental influences and interactions with the weapon system, we carry out more extensive material tests in accordance with common civilian and military test standards.

These include:



UV light

Salt spray


The aim of these tests is to verify the ballistic protection function of protective systems even under difficult climatic conditions as well as in rough field use in order to ensure maximum serviceability in the field.