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Protection Systems for Military Vehicles

In addition to threats against projectiles, protection against blasts such as grenades, mines or IEDs is also required in vehicles.

We support the certification process in addition to fully integrated overall concepts and individual components.

Military Vehicles

Protection requirements for military land vehicles are complex and not always covered by standards.
We offer a modular product portfolio based on STANAG 4569 against gunfire, mines, EFP, IED and RPG.

This ranges from add-on systems to structure-bearing armour superstructures and spall liner systems.

Proprietary development of complex mine armour

All products are suitable for equipping new developments, but also for retrofitting existing vehicles and can be supplied ready for installation.

To complement the most complete protection possible, we also offer ready-to-install subsystems, handgun stations, doors or composite hatches to protect the crew and the vehicle.



Other system features:


Shock and acceleration resistance for the mounting system according to MIL STD 810 G

Vibration resistance according to MIL STD 810 G

Resistance to environmental influences (salt water, rain, dust)

On request, equipment with reduced radar and IR signature

Decontamination capability

Panel Refinement

Depending on the application, we offer the following options for protection or design:

  • ABS in various textured surfaces and colours
  • Painting
  • Edge protection and edge sealing
  • Enclosures made of e.g. aluminium or plastic
  • Various fastening systems


The protective measures required by law on machines and vehicles for the removal of explosive ordnance and ammunition on military training areas is the central task of this hazard prevention.

This does not only require special skills of the employees, but also places high safety demands on the equipment of the clearance vehicles.

Safe protection against hazards such as shock waves, flying fragments or projectiles is required, not only from the front but from all sides. Here we can draw on our excellent know-how from the military protection sector.

The result is state-of-the-art protective cabins and vehicle adaptations for the explosive ordnance disposal technology of today and tomorrow.


We can draw on extensive expertise for vehicles that carry out certain special transports, such as cash and valuables transporters or for the protection of special hazardous goods.