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Mobile Personal Protection Shields

Staying mobile while maintaining a large protective surface.

Mobile shields offer protection to several people at the same time.
Intelligent folding and upgrade options further increase adaptability.


You are putting your life in our hands. We are absolutely aware of this.
That is why every protective shield is extensively tested and certified according to its protection class and individual customer requirements.


Durably protected against water, flames and impacts for extreme endurance.
Robust and lightweight materials such as Supra-Tex® or ABS offer high surface protection. Together with edge protection, each of our shields is suitable even for extreme applications.


Safety and good handling are ensured by specially developed ballistic grip systems with trauma protection and individual centre of gravity adjustment.
A variety of different handholds can be chosen from.


Due to the sometimes extreme conditions in which our products are used, we recommend that our customers regularly check their ballistic safety products.

We offer various maintenance options for our shields.