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Choosing the right shield

In the field of ballistic personal protection shields, we have been a reliable partner for many authorities and public clients for years.

Our products are developed specifically for their respective areas of application and meet the highest security requirements.

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Portable Personal Protection Shields

Portable Personal Protection Shields

Versatility for daily use or rather special tactical capabilities?
A portable shield must be as light as possible and still offer reliable protection.

As a daily companion for police and special forces, they should also be as configurable as possible.

Mobile Personal Protection Shields

Mobile Personal Protection Shields

Staying mobile while maintaining a large protective surface.

Mobile shields offer protection to several people at the same time.
Intelligent folding and upgrade options additionally increase adaptability.

The selection of a suitable shield for personal protection involves an overall analysis of the conditions of use.
There is no standard solution for every case.

Special forces have specific needs in terms of tactical capabilities, whereas the police tend to prefer a universal solution in order to be equipped for multiple threats.

We distinguish the selection of a suitable shield for personal protection according to three essential criteria. This enables us to provide the future user with the perfect protection product to suit the respective requirement profile.


The most important factor in selecting a suitable protective shield:

The user must be confident with uncompromising certainty that his life is 100% protected in the event of an emergency. Maximum quality control of the materials as well as the manufactured product is an essential prerequisite.

The factors of protection class and protective surface are further criteria for the appropriate selection.

Portable shields tend to provide less protection because their surface area is relatively small and many parts of the body remain unprotected.
Since the weight increases rapidly with increasing protection class and reliable protection against hard core ammunition is desired even with higher protection classes such as VPAM9/10 or NIJ4, portable shields are then only manageable in smaller sizes over a longer period of time. This is where the mobile shields come into their own.




Depending on the operation, shields can be used for defence or for attack.

A special operations unit has different requirements than a riot police unit, for example.
Here, too, the expected protective weight is a factor that must be taken into account in the selection.
Additional features such as weapon mounts, camera systems, lighting or effective hatches on mobile shields provide improved attack functionality.

If more defence-oriented protection is desired, additional protective glass, infrared systems or glare lighting can be used.

An intelligent choice of additional components increases the functionality and considerably strengthens the respective functional purpose.




In order to make a final selection of a suitable protection system, an analysis of the mobility requirements should be carried out.

With what speed should the system react in a possible threat scenario? Ergonomics plays a decisive role in order to ideally integrate the human-physical characteristics within the protection concept.

If a larger protective surface is desired, e.g. for several people, and a high protection class is required at the same time, mobile protective shields show their strengths to the full. Thanks to modern roller systems, full 360° protection can be guaranteed even with a high protective weight. An ideal addition is the Mehler E-Protect System.
A robot that can be remotely controlled on the weapon enables an attack with simultaneous protection. In addition, access in the field is considerably facilitated.